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Hi my name is Earlene Hardie Cox.  My art career as a sculptor began later in life after a 23-year career as an international lawyer and corporate executive. As I got older, I became aware of how art can be one of many tools that can be used to combat Alzheimer's. Sculpting became a medium for my personal battle against this disease which has occurred with some frequency in my family. Sculpting not only allows me to use different parts of my brain but it also unleashed the creativity of my hands. Sculpting is, therefore, my journey of both preservation and determination and it has changed my life's trajectory...


Imprisonment Sculpture

New Event Earlene Cox:

America's Enduring Burden

Zoom Webinar
Thursday, September 10
7:00 - 8:00 PM EST

The artist has chosen to donate her fee for this event to Black Lives Matter.

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